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​​​​Networking and Servers 


The most valuable part of any network is the information stored on it or running through it. Unfortunately, this information is also the most vulnerable part of your network.

Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojans, people who "hack" into computer systems, hardware failures, major or even minor disasters, disgruntled employees, human error, and software issues are just a few examples of the ways that your information may be at risk.

So, where do you start?  Cover the obvious?  Get a Firewall and a desktop Anti-Virus solution?  What happens if a water pipe leaks over your network file server?

River Windscomputing can address all of these issues.  We will help you identify the vulnerabilities that can affect your business information and design the most effective solutions to protect this vital resource.

In addition to working with the leading solution vendors in the industry to protect your computers and networks, River Winds Computing  will help you design the appropriate best practices, policies and procedures that you will need in order to account for the "human factor".

Computer & Hardware Sales

River Winds Computing offers Consultation, Service and Sales for products for business and home. Please call us for your quotes for Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Peripherals and Networking equipment. 


Disaster Recovery Plan

Protecting your data from a Disaster Recovery situation is often not given as high priority.  Many businesses do not even know how long their systems would be down should an unforeseen situation arise when their System's Server are out of action.  We outline below some backup strategies a business can implement:  

Services Offered:

·         Data loss recovery

·         Disaster recovery planning

·         Secure off site backup

·         Removable media backup

·         Virtual layer environments for high availability of production servers and redundancy

PC Repair

Hardware Repair / Installation - We use state-of-the-art tools to pinpoint your hardware or software problems.

We repair/replace CD Rom drives, cd-rw drives, DVD drives, and power supply units, monitors, CPU, modems, motherboards, network cards, video cards and sound cards. 

We also provide a wide range of cleaning and reload options for infected and gummed up computers.  If a computer slows we can make a significant difference in the unit’s performance.

Virus & SPAM Protection

Up to date Desktop & Server Antivirus Protection from the threats posed by computer viruses including Spyware as well as the E-Mail SPAM. 

Offered Services:

·         Email Spam and Virus Filtering

·         Client / Server

·         Anti-virus deployment - standalone, centralized and/or managed 

·         Public  PC  lockdown with protection

Software sales and installations.  From high-level SQL Database deployments to standardized network wide Anti-Virus solutions,  Microsoft Office  and small business accounting packages.

Services Offered:

·         Microsoft productivity software

·         VPN and remote software options        

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN’s are the most secure way to share information is to only allow specific people access to your private local network.  Businesses with more than one location or businesses that want to allow remote employees, partners or specific customers to access information on their local network could all benefit from a VPN solution.

Because a VPN is used to provide security over an otherwise unsecured medium, the technology is always coupled with some form of Firewall.  Even pure VPN devices should include a basic Firewall that will specifically deny all other types of communication access.

Web based Email and Schedules

For many businesses the most critical function that their employees need is regular access to their E-Mail, calendars, contacts, etc.  When an employee is on the road or out of the office for any reason they could still maintain a level of productivity if they could access these features.